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starlight don't hide your face from the sadness in the world; starlight shine in my direction on the sad steps of a circle

{starlight, charlotte martin}
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Hi guys! So there was some interest in a general SASO Chatroom so (drumroll) here it is! All participants are welcome! Feel free to camp here and cry about how SASO is ruining your life.

- Be respectful, no character/ship hate etc. Basically, play nice guys.
- Keep everything PG-13: that means no explicit sexual content, no explicit violence, gore etc.
- Please don't spam the chat, it'll just make everything run slower and be an eyesore
- Please use the one username each time you come into the room, it'll make the visitor's list a whole of a lot easier to manage.
- Have fun!!

If someone is found to be repeatedly breaking the rules, thier IP address will be blocked. Currently, the chat is password protected only - if this becomes unmanagable I can and will change it to invite only. The password is AnimeESPN (yes, I know I'm unoriginal). Please be mindful and respectful. Edit: I'll also be leaving the chat open when I'm not around. Please don't misuse this.


Feb. 2nd, 2015 07:26 pm
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